Ready To Promote The Definitive Amazon Selling Course of 2017?

Jason Fladlien here, and I've sold over $40,000,000 worth of training on helping people start and grow an Amazon private label products business.

A tiny, tiny fraction of those successful customers you can see on the background image to this page here.

You have the ability to promote what I feel is the most likely way for the average person - marketer or not, technical or not, new or experienced - to build a six figure business from scratch... in 12 months or less.

I Also Think There Is A High Chance This
Will Make You MORE Money...

... As an affiliate than anything you've previously promoted. Hear me out!

One of the reasons why I've been able to sell nearly half a hundred million dollars of Amazon training is my 3-pitch system... which you can tap into during this promotion.

But an even bigger part of it is our bonus package you can promote when you promote Operation Physical Products with us. Some quick facts on this bonus package...

Your Referral Commission Is
$1050 Per Customer!

To buy Operation Physical Products, the customer invests either $3499.95 or 4 monthly installments of $999.95.

Your referral commission is $1050 per customer on a single payment; or $300 for each installment the customer pays (up to $1200 per sale!).

... Yes, this is less than 50%. However... you don't cash in percentages at the bank. You cash in MONEY.

The reason why we will convert at a level higher than any you've probably ever seen before is because of how this is promoted.

The Face Of Operation Physical Products

... Is Ezra Firestone who created the course under my guidance and insights.

His sole job and focus is to create the best training for Amazon and always keep it current. He doesn't market Operation Physical Products... I do. His goal is to 100% always have the training to be the latest and the greatest. This specialization allows your customers have an experience they have never had before.

Oh, An Ezra Sells Over $75,000 Of Physical Products PER DAY Of Just One Of His Many Brands.

The way we created Operation Physical Products was unique and worth mentioning here. I have an active, private Facebook group of some of the best Amazon sellers on the planet. I have thousands and thousands of pages of customers of ours who started knowing nothing of Amazon and built 7 figures businesses.

I spent over a hundred of hours going through our Facebook group and noted down every question any person may ask during every phase of the Amazon system.

Then, we organized these into a course outline so we can guarantee we covered every thing your customers need and encounter throughout.

A great product; even the greatest product... doesn't sell itself. You need a solid pitch to do it. A funnel would be even better. What about...

A Fine Tuned Funnel Of Two Separate Webinars That Jason Fladlien Will Do...

... To help educate the customer as well as put them in the most receptive mind... to say yes to Operation Physical Products.

These are the updated pitches to the hook and bonuses that were responsible for over $50MM of sales - you know this thing has the ability to make you money like nothing you've encountered before as an affiliate. Humor me for a sec:

25 sales is $26,250.
50 sales is $52,000.
100 sales is $105,000.
150 sales is $157,500.

We've had people do over 300 sales.

And I think the conversion funnel for this offer is better than any previous one we've been a part of. People just get Amazon and get excited about selling on the number 1 ecommerce site on the planet.

This Is A Small, Closed Door Launch!

We're looking to work with a small number of dedicated affiliates who believe in the power of Amazon and who want to make a ton of money as an affiliate.

It's simple, you expose this your audience and we'll do all the rest. I, Jason Fladlien, will do all the selling. Ezra will do all the training.

We will provide all the bonuses. You get all the glory for introducing your audience to the number one vehicle for first generation wealth - Amazon... plus, of course, over one thousand dollars per referral.

Interested? Email us here and we'll get the ball rolling.